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How to find us

Address: 1145 Budapest, Amerikai út 57.
Entrance: 1145 Budapest, Laky Adolf utca 44-46.
Main telephone number: (06-1) 467-9300
Fax: (06-1) 251-5678

The Laky Adolf street entrance of our hospital

Our Institute is situated in Zugló Budapest, and can be entered through the entrance at 44-46 Laky Adolf street. The easiest way to get to us if using public transport is by taking the number 69 tram either from the last stop of the Mexikói Road underground or from the Nagy Lajos király Road. From Örs vezér square, take the number 3 tram. If travelling by bus, the number 5 bus stops at Laky Adolf street, and the number 7 bus stops at Thököly Road, from where the Institute is only a short walk away.

Travelling by car



All those using our outpatient specialised care must first sign in at the desk located on the ground floor of the clinic. Here we record all your details into our computer system. For this we ask you to prepare your identity card, residence card, referral and your social security card. more...


Due to our visiting policies the relatives of our patients are able to visit daily. However, visiting hours are closed during patient care, treatments and examinations. In the interest of quick recovery, we ask that you not visit your relatives during quiet hours, and that when possible only two people visit at a time. more...


According to the principles and the regulations of sequencing due waiting list, the basis is that you can be informed about expected date of intervention by using the identification number/code.
Waiting list were compiled related to the Health Ministry regulations and government regulation. more...